Tetris on LinkedIn

Here’s one I caught on a podcast the other day from Tekzilla. Never mind Empire Avenue or Zynga games like Farmville lets go old school and mix this with our network contacts by playing Tetris where each of the various shaped blocks contains a contact from your LinkedIn Network.



The site is developed by DropIn and can be accessed by your LinkedIn login here is a link to the DropIn site and one to the Tekzilla review site and explanation video, as they say a picture paints a thousand words…but a video can tell you a lot more.

Links DropIn:  http://dropin.linkedinlabs.com/

Teckzilla: http://revision3.com/tzdaily/20110826linkedintetris


Looking to increase the number of blocks in your Tetris set with more Construction related contacts then contact us at Onyx Consultants info@onyxconsultants.co.uk .

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