The Bermuda Triangle of Productivity


This definitely depicts the fears many employers have with allowing their employees have PC’s with internet access during work time, the pull of the Social Networks into the ‘Bermuda Triangle of Productivity’ and why a lot of the companies and clients that I deal with actively blacklist social network use on work PC’s.


You will also note the scale has been changed to measurements of time rather than distance.

A link to the graphic artist’s site is given below which also gives her similar reason for coming up with the very apt idea for the graphic.



Tetris on LinkedIn

Here’s one I caught on a podcast the other day from Tekzilla. Never mind Empire Avenue or Zynga games like Farmville lets go old school and mix this with our network contacts by playing Tetris where each of the various shaped blocks contains a contact from your LinkedIn Network.



The site is developed by DropIn and can be accessed by your LinkedIn login here is a link to the DropIn site and one to the Tekzilla review site and explanation video, as they say a picture paints a thousand words…but a video can tell you a lot more.

Links DropIn:



Looking to increase the number of blocks in your Tetris set with more Construction related contacts then contact us at Onyx Consultants .

Quora Now Allows Self-Promotion


Quora the Q&A site has lifted its ban on self promotion.


For those of you out there in construction who are not aware of Quora, it is a web site with which you can register usually through your twitter account and basically post Questions about various topics which are open to Answers from others registered on the site interested in those topics, alternatively you can express an interest in topics and answer questions posted by others. A more detailed explanation on how it all works is given by Quora themselves.

Why is this site and its allowance of self promotion useful?

Well Quora is highly regarded as a site and used by marketers in other industries also Google now indexes Quora as part of their ‘realtime’ search option.

Oh and lets not forget that you can get helpful advice and answers to the questions you have, as well as show your expertise in answering question in your own specialist knowledge topics and being able to promote yourself while your at it.

Although Quora do say

‘that users are required in their answers to disclose relevant affiliations (i.e., “I’m an investor in this company,” or “I’m a graduate of this school”)’

 All this means, if you haven’t been using Quora to promote your company, now’s the time to jump in. With a free pass to send your message to targeted consumers, coupled with an automatic pop in Google search. The only downside is the time cost of adding another social media site to your daily routine but I believe it is worthwhile as I’ve also got few questions I need answers for.

Are you using Quora yet? Let me know about your experience.

Social Media Marketing Explained – A Bit of Humour in an Infographic

A bit  of Marketing Humour with this Infographic… made me chuckle

They could have added Google or Bing on ‘How to find my Pee’

On details on where you can find this infographic please follow the link on the Humour Page

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