We are pleased to announce Onyx Construction Consultants have made it in to the #tCnTop100


Only a couple of days after Onyx Marketing @onyxmarketing made it in to the #tCnTop100 we are please to announce that Onyx Construction Consultants @OnyxConsultants have also made it in to the Top100.

So like ourselves can place the ‘were in the #tCnTop100’ badge on their site.

We will have to say though that this has been at the expense of dropping our own selves down to 100th place from 95 but only confirms as stated in a previous post that PeerIndex and The Construction Network are correcting some of the quirks in the rating system which is good for all of us.

Unfortunately this still does not account for some of those listed that in our and other peoples opinion should not be listed in the index as they have very little to contribute to UK construction or the built environment. We hope this will be corrected in due course.

In the mean time lets celebrate the fact that both the Onyx brands have made it into the top100 and who knows possibly top 50 in a few months?

If your listed on the PeerIndex #tCnTop100 and have a view on who is listed let us know in comments box below.


Key Introduction Leads to Contract Award for Quinn Brickwork

Introduction Leads to Contract Award for Quinn Brickwork

Onyx Construction Consultants Limited are pleased to announce that another introduction made by them, between a valued contact at a Southern Area House Builder and one of their clients Quinn Brickwork Ltd. led to Quinn Brickwork securing a 19 unit site contract in Peterborough last month. In addition the House Builder having seen how Quinn Brickwork has performed with regards to programme and quality now wishes to negotiate the next phase of 24 units due to start shortly.

This introduction is only one of many made in the last 4 years between Onyx Construction Consultants specialist subcontractor clients and the many key placed contacts both business and personal that the directors of Onyx have at many of the House Builders, Contractors and Developers in the East Anglia and Northern Home Counties areas, leading to tenders being issued and contracts secured by our clients.

As part of the Onyx Construction Marketing service introductions to our many business and personal contacts in the industry will be made available to those subcontractors who sign up for the service and meet the criteria needed.

More details of contract awards resulting from our introductions both recent and past together with referral and recommendation letters will be posted soon on this the Onyx Construction Marketing blog and in the near future the Onyx Consultants Ltd website.

In the meantime if you feel that you would benefit from this service or know someone that will please contact us via email info@onyxconsultants.co.uk or contact Andrew Fella on 07798 640022.

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