We are in the tCnTop100 in at 95

Just over a week ago we here at Onyx Marketing @onyxmarketing posted that ‘We are in the ‘tCnTop100 – well not just yet’ and were looking to award ourselves the top 100 badge for genuinely being in the top 100 because at that time we stood in the rankings at 145.

Well with a bit more involvement and effort after 3 days we had improved our position to 125, after 5 days we were in at 108 after a full week we stood at 100 and now in to the top 100 at 95.

So we are pleased to announce we can now award ourselves the ‘were in the #tCnTop100’ badge which we will place here on our blog site.

Our sister company Onyx Construction Consultants Ltd @onyxconsultants has also done fairly well improving its position from 197 position a week ago to 107 today and we are sure it won’t be long before they to can display the badge on their blog site.

If you are still wondering what this is all about see our previous posting or indeed connect direct to the tCnTop100 site or PeerIndex to find out more.

If you are on the index let us know in the comments box below.

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